MTV Tibet is the Tibetan version of MTV

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MTV Tibet is the Tibetan version of MTV, a platform dedicating for the youth and young adults interested in Tibetan music, videos, traditional and cultural song.

It was recently launched in 2013 and it uniquely avails at promoting an opportunity for the new flowering Tibetan singers to shine through while at the same time providing other field (cinematography, editing, script writers, beautician etc) a chance of growth and development too.

MTV Tibet aimed to become one of the newest Music Television networks for the Tibetan as well as in Asia. Music has always been constantly entertained by the people every day and it was recognized and acknowledged with respect to Tibet, hence MTV Tibet has intended to be successful in Tibet.

MTV Tibet was actually founded by three Tibetan youth; Mr. Dorjee TsephelMr. Sangyal Dorjee and Mr. Taklha, aiming to be one of the most popular music channels across the Tibetan society, and meeting up to the international level throughout the worldwide.

MTV Tibet with this profound innovation and initiation creates a shows, music video awards, youth programming and youth-based sitcom etc. MTV Tibet has its head office at Macleod Ganj, Dharamsala. It is the most amazing and popular Multimedia channel of Tibet.